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In the early morning hours on Friday, the 12-meter ALMA prototype dish was hauled up the mountain road leading to the Kitt Peak Observatory.

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The Kitt Peak Observatory awaits the arrival of the 12-meter ALMA prototype dish that is wending its way slowly up the mountain.

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Meanwhile, the access road that leads to the domes has to be widened to allow the trailer and its giant cargo up the final stretch. Crews worked all day to build this expansion.

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The 12-meter ALMA prototype dish arrives at the widened access road and awaits a tricky engine swap.

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The transporter was reconfigured for access road transit by hooking up the extra pull truck to the rear, removing the front pull truck and switching the push loader to the opposite end to push the transporter up the hill.

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The widened road allows the 12-meter ALMA prototype dish the spare inches it needs to clear the rocks on the inside of the road.

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Trees had to be trimmed before the 12-meter ALMA prototype dish could pass up the access road to the domes.

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Again, careful measurement provided the exact inches of clearance required to safely bring the 12-meter ALMA dish up the narrow access road to the Kitt Peak domes.

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The frame on the transport clears the access road walls as it climbs up toward the domes of Kitt Peak.

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At 11 am, the 12-meter dish was carefully lifted off of the transport frame to begin its flight into the dome.

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In flight, the 12-meter ALMA prototype dish does not look like it's going to make it into the dome!

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However, the measurements were all made well in advance, and the 12-meter ALMA prototype dish clears the dome by 1/2 inch on either side!!!

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The 12-meter dish, now inside the dome, swings toward the pedestal base.

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The 12-meter ALMA prototype dish hovers like a flying saucer above its pedestal base.

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Touchdown! The 12-meter ALMA prototype dish rests on one pad of its pedestal. The dish was lowered slowly, 1/2inch at a time, until it rested firmly on all 8 pads on the base.

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NRAO staff then crawled inside the dish to install the bolts that attach it to the base!

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The European ALMA prototype antenna is now the new millimeter/submillimeter telescope on Kitt Peak!

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The 12-meter ALMA prototype antenna arrives at its new home, the dome that once housed our original mm/submm telescope, the 36-foot.

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