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Interviev with Flood was mentioned to be hosted on polish site about TF2 and Max-Play portal. But I decided to make it more worldwide. I asked Flood about differences between ETF2L and UGC, about current season and future of Higlander.

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Hajdzik: Hello, first of all can you introduce yourself and your team to our readers. Where are you from? When did you start playing Team Fortress 2, and when did you decide to create your team?

Flood: Hi, I’m Flood, I’m from England and I run the highlander team Fair Enough, I can usually be found playing either medic or engineer for the team, although I like to try and play all the classes as effectively as I can, to try to make me more useful. Also I am currently a mentor in the reddit round robin tournament. I started playing TF2 a while ago when I was introduced to it by a friend. I started playing on a toyfort server which was based in England, whilst there I mainly liked playing soldier and demoman. It was a while after this that I started getting more into competitive TF2. I started the team Fair Enough after an older team that I ran folded. We had a few people from that team who wanted to carry on with competitive so we started the Team Fair Enough, registered on ETF2L 24/10/12, we all had good fun together and unfortunately some of those guys have been playing less and less tf2, but we kept the Fair Enough name going.

Hajdzik: Your team is doing much better than in the previous season; you also won the 3rd division of ETF2L. What's the secret to your team's improvement?

Flood: I believe that in order to achieve success hard work should be implemented. We try to train as regularly as possible and go over the maps before we play them, in order to give a solid idea of what we are going to do for the next week. We have a great team spirit which I think contributes to it all a lot. I try to be organised with scrim arranging and make sure that we play on set days each week.

Hajdzik: You went undefeated the first four weeks of the league, and you're the favourite to win the whole league at the moment. Who do you think, other than you, obviously, stands the largest chances of winning as it is?

Flood: I think that even though they started off on the wrong foot, I think that the other team that has a major chance of winning the league is Daratoutou. Even though they started off badly, it was due to the fact the 6v6 season was in full swing, making it difficult for some of their players to commit to their highlander play. At the moment while I write this, the 6v6 season is moving to its close, which means that the players of Da! will be able to focus more on highlander. I think that the time the playoffs arrive, they will start to shine. Apart from them, who everybody rates I would have to say the team “That Awkward Moment” has a strong chance and definitely has the ability to do well this season. I have known their leader for a while, and I know that they are a strong team who can play very well if they are given the opportunity.

Hajdzik: The competition in UGC is very different to ETF2L. Which league do you enjoy playing in more? How do you find the current map rotation in UGC?

Flood: I think that the main difference between the two competitions is the map selection that is used. Obviously UGC has a longer season, which I think is good as it gives a greater opportunity to play more maps against more people. In ETF2L I noticed that the amount of teams that were entering ETF2L in the higher divisions has decreased which is a shame, highlander is a great game mode to get into and it would be great to see more team continuing into the higher divisions. I can’t really pick a favourite between the two leagues as they each have their own merits and flaws. I would have to say that due to playing in ETF2L longer than UGC, I prefer playing there. Although there isn’t as much experimenting with their map selection, I guess it’s just being more used to the system that they have there.

Hajdzik: Do you think highlander has the potential to be as popular as the 6's game mode? The main argument against seems to be getting 9 players together to play, as opposed to six, do you agree? How do you imagine the future of highlander?

Flood: I agree with the argument that it is a lot more difficult to assemble 9 players on a server at once, but it is easier with players that have more motivation to be there as it doesn’t really require you to remind them, just to put a note of it down somewhere that they can see it, such as a team steam group or Google calendar. It makes the whole process easier in my opinion. I see no reason why highlander can’t be as popular as the 6v6 format. It would be great to see more coverage over it as it is a fun game mode and people I notice seem to progress from playing pubs into highlander more often than into 6v6. I think that it is a very enjoyable game mode if you allow it to be.

Hajdzik: What do you think about the Polish scene of TF2 (i.e. our 6's players, and the public servers owned by Max-Play)? What's your opinion on the Max-Play Highlander Team in general?

Flood: I have to admit, I haven’t had much experience playing with the polish scene in TF2, but I have seen it shrink a little bit. The only real higher level Polish team that I know, other than Max-Play, was a team called “Team Paradise” lead by a guy called Mikki. They were in my team’s group in div 3 for season 2 of ETF2L Highlander. They folded at the end of the season which I found a shame as there was a lot of potential there to progress to higher divisions. Looking at the sort of players that have come out of Poland recently I have noticed quite a few great players. I think that the Polish scene can only grow. I have quite limited experience of the Max Play servers but when I have seen them they have been pretty full, it looks like a great place to pub! Max Play have a reputation of being a difficult team to beat, I know that some of their players are very strong and can easily take on a lot of the teams in UGC this season. It will be interesting watching how they play.

Hajdzik: We're going to be playing on barnblitz versus your opponent from last week, "That awkward moment". Any chance you can have a go at guessing the result?

Flood: Both teams are very strong so I think that it could be a close game. I think that it could go either way based on death match ability alone. I think that whoever gets the better positioning at some of the key points, like 1st point and 3rd point would decide the result. My personal opinion is that barnblitz is a map all about positioning and the winner is ultimately the team who positions themselves more effectively. It will be a very entertaining game; I can say that with no doubt.

Hajdzik: There are plans in place for MPHT to organise a highlander tournament in the summer. Would you like to participate, if we do decide to do that?

Flood: Yeah, I’d love to find out more if that was the case. It is always good to get practice during the off season. The only concern that might be faced is whether it collides with UGC in their Summer Season. But it is great that there are an increasing number opportunities to play Highlander in a competitive format.

Thanks to the Steve from our team who helped me with questions, and for Flood for couple of sugestions.


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