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Darmowe galerie dla serwisów aukcyjnych

Detailed and improved version (3.0)

Polska wersja niżej. (Polish version below)

English version (sorry for all mistakes):


1. Para (wood)

2. Papua (wood)

3. Northern Territory

4. Scotland (oil)

5. Maramures (oil)

6. Muntenia (grain)


One country responsible for one battle, the bigger ones for more. Orders for civilis will be set on Papua, some military groups will flight to win important RW's. We can do Serbia harm if we realize plan and organize well, even if they do around 35% of vworld's dmg.

Countries responsible for tanking in the specific battles:

Brazil, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy - PARA


Civilis who cant fight in the ending of battles or flight to another country, Australia - NORTHERN TERRITORY



Drain battles: Federation of BiH, Northern England, Northern Ireland, Banat, Transilvania, Oltenia


17 and 18 may 19:55 vpopulus time (195th day of vpopulus - start of action)


We will start massive RW's at Day 195th evening after their serbian military groups hit. Resistance Wars started in this order:

- Croatia attacks Federation of BiH 19:55 vpopulus time (vt)

- Banat 20:00 vpopulus time (vt)

- Northern Ireland 20:04 vt

- Muntenia 20:05 vt

- Northern England 20:09 vt

- Maramures 20:10 vt

- Oltenia 20:14 vt

- Scotland 20:15 vt

- Northern Territory 20:16 vt ([/b]Australia should attack it)

- Transilvania 20:19 vt

- Papua 20:20 vt ([/b]USA should attack it)

- Para 20:21 vt (Brazil should attack it, if they wont we will make RW).


210 gold (gather it here: http://www.vpopulus.net/citizen/profile/18584 )

Whats the purpose?

First, it would be good to take some serbian high regions, if we win 4 prioritied battles they'll lose WOOD and OIL and their economy will get worse alot. Serbia loses important strategic regions, so they dont have got alot of countries controlled anymore. Third, there is possibility to improve relations between UNIO and POLARIS so we will prove that we can work together against same enemy. Then, Poland and USA realtionship will get better what is very imporant if we want to make Serbia weaker. Finally, we will keep some players in game and make game more interesting for everybody. One success may encourage Unio and Polaris to fight together even against such an empire as Serbia.

What must be done?

Make Croatians angry about Serbia and encourage them to fight for their lovely Romania. UNIO HQ should start talking with POLARIS HQ to have nice cooperation. Pretending that we are gonna start RW in Little Poland next day may be a great idea, so Serbia will keep some potentail dmg even if all battles will be finished.

What if Serbia gets angry and attacks Poland? We can make use of Lithuanian-Polish War and save our Q5 hospital in Pomerania by creating buffer-zone around this region.



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