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[14:42] <Mehandzijski> o/

[14:42] <Mehandzijski> hi

[14:42] <Mehandzijski> @smrtan

[14:43] <Mehandzijski> smrtan

[14:44] <@smrtan> hi

[14:47] <Mehandzijski> how are yo

[14:47] <@smrtan> fine, thx

[14:48] <Mehandzijski> wanted to see whats the deal with the czesh and slovakia

[14:48] <@smrtan> point by point

[14:48] <@smrtan> Czechs and Slovak formed Federation (eCSFR)

[14:48] <@smrtan> with constitution etc etc

[14:48] <Mehandzijski> one military unite from czesh is fighting for macedonia non stop so they need mpp with macedonia

[14:48] <Mehandzijski> i know abouth that

[14:49] <Mehandzijski> abouth the federation

[14:49] <@smrtan> Constitution says Federation can be split ONLY if 2/3 of any nation will vote to split and there will be at least 300 living/not multi voting accounts

[14:49] <Mehandzijski> ok

[14:49] <@smrtan> last referendum was about 80, close to 90% pro-Federation votes on slovak side

[14:49] <@smrtan> and 55% on Czech side

[14:49] <@smrtan> and in addition there were only about 100 votes

[14:49] <Mehandzijski> i dont interfear with that things

[14:49] <@smrtan> so Federation is valid

[14:50] <Mehandzijski> ok

[14:50] <Mehandzijski> thats ok

[14:50] <@smrtan> We gave \\\"rebels\\\" Northern Bohemia as a \\\"independent region\\\" and as our good will

[14:50] <@smrtan> but they misuse it

[14:50] <@smrtan> made MPP\\\'s etc

[14:50] <Mehandzijski> my question is what if we sign mpp with czesh

[14:50] <@smrtan> the most important for me is to know WHO tricked you

[14:50] <@smrtan> you signed it oncer

[14:50] <@smrtan> once

[14:50] <Mehandzijski> why treack

[14:50] <@smrtan> and We felt backstabbed

[14:51] <Mehandzijski> i know that we sign once

[14:51] <@smrtan> now We can\\\'t understand how could it happend another time :F

[14:51] <Mehandzijski> but whats the problem

[14:51] <Mehandzijski> i dont see problem

[14:51] <Mehandzijski> are czesh and slovakia fight eachother

[14:51] <@smrtan> They are obliged not to sign MPP with countries We have MPP

[14:51] <@smrtan> incase of any succesfull RW We must NE eCZ

[14:51] <Mehandzijski> first what is mpp

[14:52] <@smrtan> so We\\\'ll loose your MPP and you loose our influence in your wars

[14:52] <@smrtan> now you were tricked 2nd time

[14:52] <Mehandzijski> i know but that mpp is on our expense

[14:52] <@smrtan> and I would like to know by whom

[14:52] <Mehandzijski> so if that thing happens we sign mpp again and there is no problem

[14:53] <Mehandzijski> ok im teling you we think for macedonia

[14:53] <Mehandzijski> there is this MU in czeh what is fighting for us

[14:53] <@smrtan> Signing this MPP is unfriendly move towards us - federation

[14:54] <@smrtan> ok, If there will be MU in Bulgaria which will fight for Us, may I propose MPP with Bulgarians?

[14:54] <Mehandzijski> thats why we need mpp with czesh and slovakia

[14:54] <@smrtan> or maybe with Turkey?

[14:54] <@smrtan> You can\\\'t have both

[14:54] <@smrtan> this is impossible

[14:54] <Mehandzijski> you dont see my point

[14:54] <@smrtan> you don\\\'t see my point too

[14:54] <@smrtan> I asked: why you have backstabbed us

[14:54] <@smrtan> and you answer: \\\"because of one MU \\\"?

[14:55] <@smrtan> they really do more influence than our MU\\\'s?

[14:55] <@smrtan> and what about principles?

[14:55] <Mehandzijski> uh

[14:55] <Mehandzijski> again you dont understand me

[14:55] <@smrtan> you don\\\'t understand me either

[14:56] <@smrtan> eCZ isn\\\'t a country - it is region (Northern Bohemia)

[14:56] <@smrtan> this region shouldn\\\'t have ANY Mpp\\\'s except New Zealand

[14:56] <Mehandzijski> only a moment

[14:56] <Mehandzijski> please

[14:56] <@smrtan> if someone saying he is from eCZ gov tricked you - I kindly ask his nickname

[14:57] <Mehandzijski> Vladislav Baloun

[14:57] <Mehandzijski> but this is not a problem

[14:57] <Mehandzijski> i dont know why you see a problem in this thing

[14:57] <@smrtan> This is a problem

[14:58] <Mehandzijski> yes you are federation but you exsist as two countries

[14:58] <@smrtan> but information you gave me is critical importance

[14:58] <Mehandzijski> for macedonia is good to have mpp with bouth

[14:58] <Mehandzijski> if you see my point

[14:58] <Mehandzijski> if i say dont sighn with mexico

[14:58] <Mehandzijski> will you not sign

[14:59] <Mehandzijski> they want to fight for macedonia

[14:59] <@smrtan> if you will procide us with serious arguments - of course We won\\\'t sign

[14:59] <Mehandzijski> as slovakia

[14:59] <@smrtan> you caan\\\'t understand that this is unfriendly towards us?

[14:59] <@smrtan> this is against our interests

[14:59] <Mehandzijski> why

[14:59] <@smrtan> and this is a treason]

[14:59] <Mehandzijski> what problem do you have

[15:00] <Mehandzijski> why treason

[15:00] <@smrtan> because they shouldn\\\'t have any MPP except NZ

[15:00] <@smrtan> how many times should I write same statement?

[15:00] <Mehandzijski> we never shoot against you

[15:00] <@smrtan> your 2 clickers defended Moravia last time

[15:01] <@smrtan> and you ask what is wrong with signing MPP with country full of eden spies and pro-EDEN ptoers?

[15:01] <@smrtan> c/mon....

[15:02] <@smrtan> what if I tell you that We need MPP both with Macednia and Italy?

[15:02] <Mehandzijski> we vore not informed

[15:02] <@smrtan> you know, there is one tank in Italy who wants fight for us...

[15:02] <Mehandzijski> i understand

[15:02] <Mehandzijski> its ok

[15:03] <@smrtan> no, it\\\'s not OK

[15:03] <Mehandzijski> but my point is why you fight

[15:03] <Mehandzijski> why not be a federation

[15:03] <@smrtan> this would be a move against Macedonia and We\\\'ll never do such move

[15:03] <Mehandzijski> are you not a federation

[15:03] <@smrtan> We are federation

[15:03] <@smrtan> We have released Northern BOhemia for some time

[15:03] <@smrtan> under clear conditions

[15:03] <@smrtan> now Baloun broke them too many times

[15:03] <Mehandzijski> so why are we considering a thing that czeh is not oure friend

[15:03] <@smrtan> and NB will be wiped out

[15:04] <Mehandzijski> macedonian and slovakian friend

[15:04] <Mehandzijski> ?

[15:04] <@smrtan> listen, Czechs are in Federation and in NB

[15:04] <@smrtan> NB is additionally full of foreigners wanting congress medals etc

[15:04] <@smrtan> Turks, Azerbaydzan cheaters etc

[15:05] <@smrtan> We made one mistake - We allowed congress elections there

[15:05] <@smrtan> and that pTO scum felt strong and started scream about recognize them as a country

[15:05] <@smrtan> We won\\\'t follow this mistake anymore

[15:05] <Mehandzijski> so no more czech

[15:05] <@smrtan> We\\\'ll take federation in onepart

[15:06] <Mehandzijski> this i can exept

[15:06] <Mehandzijski> if there is no czech than i understand slovakia

[15:06] <@smrtan> many Czechs are still Federation citizens

[15:06] <Mehandzijski> but if you alowed czech to be a countrie its natural to have mpp with you with us

[15:06] <@smrtan> Baloun tricked some newborn Czechs to follow him

[15:07] <@smrtan> no it\\\'s not natural - We must have clear opportunity to retake regions any moment without any problems

[15:07] <@smrtan> this means they shouldn\\\'t have any strong MPP

[15:07] <@smrtan> just NZ for training purposes

[15:08] <Mehandzijski> but if you say dont fight for czech we dont fight

[15:08] <Mehandzijski> we have to be informed

[15:08] <@smrtan> you can controll 2-clickers?

[15:08] <@smrtan> I doubt

[15:08] <@smrtan> nobody can

[15:08] <Mehandzijski> yes by orders

[15:09] <Mehandzijski> not everione

[15:09] <Mehandzijski> but we dont have that strong 2clikers

[15:09] <Mehandzijski> so you will be in danger

[15:09] <Mehandzijski> ok

[15:09] <Mehandzijski> not to make more missunderstanding

[15:10] <@smrtan> anyway We oficially ask you to not sign this MPP, however it\\\'s too late I guess

[15:10] <Mehandzijski> we dont sighn any more mpp with czesh and thats it

[15:10] <@smrtan> and last time I asked your president to not sign with eCZ anymore

[15:10] <@smrtan> he promised this will be kept and Macedonia won\\\'t sign this MPP anymore

[15:10] <Mehandzijski> i speak with bogota form your aliance abouth this

[15:11] <@smrtan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/Czech-Republic/law/97036 RL Czechs are voting no

[15:11] <@smrtan> Baloun and pTO gang will vote yes

[15:11] <@smrtan> if this will pas -We\\\'ll wipe them from the map forever

[15:11] <Mehandzijski> he told me to speak with some guys from federation

[15:11] <Mehandzijski> \\\\i send my ambasador and he talk that is no problem

[15:11] <Mehandzijski> ok

[15:11] <Mehandzijski> perfect

[15:11] <@smrtan> sorry, need to go for 15 minutes

[15:11] <Mehandzijski> ok

[15:11] <Mehandzijski> i go too

[15:12] <Mehandzijski> cao

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