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[10:22] == smrtan [webchat@public38401.xdsl.centertel.pl] has joined #smrtan

[10:22] <Phanes> hey

[10:22] <Phanes> sup

[10:22] <smrtan> o/

[10:22] == mode/#smrtan [+o smrtan] by Q

[10:22] <@smrtan> hi Q :D

[10:22] <Phanes> are you new csfr MoFa ?

[10:22] <@smrtan> yes

[10:22] <Phanes> :D

[10:22] <Phanes> nice

[10:22] <Phanes> ive decided to stay

[10:22] <Phanes> im CR MoFa

[10:23] <@smrtan> I think I saw you in current cabinet

[10:23] <@smrtan> exactly

[10:23] <Phanes> yeah :)

[10:23] <Phanes> i wanted to talk with you about MPP

[10:23] <Phanes> we have one with NZ

[10:23] <@smrtan> with whom?

[10:23] <@smrtan> yes and this one should be enough

[10:23] <Phanes> but..its not enough, they dont have fights everyday

[10:23] <Phanes> and citizens want one more MPP

[10:24] <@smrtan> what is your proposition about that?

[10:24] <@smrtan> proposal*

[10:24] <Phanes> we got a lot proposals from EDEN

[10:24] <Phanes> but no..

[10:24] <Phanes> bulgaria offered us MPP also

[10:25] <@smrtan> Bulgaria is EDEN too

[10:25] <Phanes> yeah

[10:25] <Phanes> we just want one strong country, like pl or serbia

[10:25] <Phanes> or fyrom

[10:25] <Phanes> doesnt matter

[10:25] <@smrtan> please be aware that ANY EDEN MPP = NE and wiping out

[10:25] <@smrtan> Macedonia!

[10:25] <Phanes> i know

[10:25] <@smrtan> not Fyrom

[10:25] <Phanes> fyrom ;)

[10:26] <@smrtan> well you can talk \\\"Fyrom\\\" in private conversations but as a MoFA you should use word \\\"Macedonia\\\"

[10:26] <Phanes> anyways

[10:26] <@smrtan> otherwise I\\\'ll take it as a deep insult against our ally :F

[10:26] <Phanes> the name of a country is Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

[10:26] <Phanes> ist not an insult

[10:26] <Phanes> i used shortcut

[10:26] <@smrtan> MKD is shorter

[10:27] <@smrtan> anyway

[10:27] <Phanes> ok mkd

[10:27] <Phanes> doesnt matter

[10:27] <@smrtan> We won;t accept any your MPP with strong country like Poland or Serbia

[10:28] <@smrtan> only small countries for training purposes

[10:28] <Phanes> like ?

[10:28] <@smrtan> New Zealand, Peru etc

[10:28] <Phanes> why not one country

[10:28] <Phanes> like Poland

[10:28] <Phanes> or serbia

[10:28] <Phanes> 10g

[10:28] <Phanes> its not much

[10:29] <@smrtan> We can\\\'t loose their MPP NE\\\'ing you after a succesfull RW

[10:29] <@smrtan> and We won\\\'t change our decision on that

[10:29] <Phanes> we cant have fights everyday

[10:29] <Phanes> with NZ MPP

[10:29] <Phanes> :/

[10:29] <@smrtan> it was your decision to have \\\"independent region\\\" outside the federation

[10:30] <@smrtan> We gave you a finger - now you are trying to tak whole hand

[10:30] <@smrtan> it won\\\'t work, sorry

[10:30] <@smrtan> to take*

[10:30] <Phanes> we had a better deal

[10:30] <Phanes> before i got impeached

[10:30] <Phanes> i had a log somewhere

[10:30] <@smrtan> could you define how it was \\\"better\\\" ?

[10:31] <Phanes> like, you would help us to have MPP with PL and maybe CSFR

[10:31] <Phanes> we would have some money from CNB

[10:31] <Phanes> back

[10:31] <Phanes> like half

[10:31] <Phanes> i think

[10:31] <Phanes> etc.

[10:32] <@smrtan> I need a log to see this

[10:32] <@smrtan> anyway you are absolutely right using past tense

[10:33] <Phanes> its not my fault

[10:33] <Phanes> divocak impeached me

[10:33] <Phanes> and the deal was broken

[10:33] <Phanes> anyways

[10:33] <Phanes> ok

[10:33] <Phanes> if that is ur last decision

[10:34] <Phanes> i will find u that log

[10:34] <Phanes> today

[10:34] <@smrtan> I can talk with whole cabinet about second MPP but can\\\'t promise anythinbg

[10:34] <@smrtan> and for sure it won\\\'t be PL/SRB/HU/ES/MKD

[10:34] <Phanes> ok

[10:34] <Phanes> just name the countries that we can use for MPP

[10:35] <Phanes> and let me know

[10:35] <Phanes> about it

[10:36] <@smrtan> ok, I\\\'ll send you information about governement decision

[10:36] <@smrtan> won\\\'t decide on my own

[10:36] <Phanes> k

[10:36] <Phanes> gotta go now

[10:36] <Phanes> cya

[10:36] == Phanes [webchat@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[10:36] <@smrtan> o/

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