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second version

Because of recent misunderstandings and misinterpretations we have prepared a new, improved, and more detailed version of the Pact between BALKAN and UNIO, the two alliances in vPopulus.

Countries that are protected by the Pact and that the Pact is about:

UNIO side: Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, United Kingdom, Canada

BALKAN side: Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

All other countries are considered to be neutral in this document.

Date when the Pact expires:

When the "Prime" version of vPopulus will be online or when any of the aforementioned alliances will be officially dissolved.

Mentioned countries are NOT allowed to:

- Make DoWs (declarations of war) against any member of the second alliance.

- Start an attack in order to gain territories of any country from the second alliance. If discussed before, swaps can be done.

- Order Military Units to fly and fight against BALKAN or UNIO countries, respectively. It is only allowed to fight against one of the alliances through an MPP.

- Start an RW by government members, HQ members, and conscious citizens in any of UNIO or BALKAN regions, respectively. We do not have control over all of the citizens of the aforementioned countries, but any attempt of paying gold, providing moving tickets or ordering neutral country members or civilians to start an RW can be detected with a little help from the vPopulus moderators team.

- Fight or order to fight on neutral countries’ side, unless through an MPP.

Additional conditions

Furthermore, Peace Proposals should be made in case one war starts another war by a "chain reaction" as soon as the first war is finished. Those proposals must be accepted by both countries. Members of both alliances have to be loyal to this Pact. Both alliances have a right to keep current core and non-core regions, and not to return them to their former owners.

Possibility of doing changes

Any changes to this Pact may be done only if leaders from both alliances agree.

Signed by:

aveniner, leader of UNIO

StiflerAerodrom, SC of BALKAN

Babo, Strategist of BALKAN

Tomeczek, MoFA in UNIO

Psychox, SC of UNIO


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