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Checking for updates to abgx360.dat...

Server file abgx360.dat no newer than local file - not retrieving

C:\Users\marcinek74-10\Desktop\dmsx-sgsg.dvd is valid

Checking Game

ISO: "C:\Users\marcinek74-10\Desktop\dmsx-sgsg.iso"

Size: 8738846720 bytes

Files in ISO: 160, Folders in ISO: 4

Total bytes used: 7811887573 (90.18%)

Game appears to have random padding

Checking default.xex

Original PE Filename: SonicBlueBlur.exe

Original PE Timestamp: 2011/09/15 06:49:29

Min Kernel Required: v2.0.13599.0


Avatar Awards: 6 Avatar Awards

Achievements: 49 Achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore

XEX CRC = 93A965F9

XEX Media ID: 04A891F2880A2FAE47703AEE-6BD87620

Region Code: 0xFFFFFFFF

Region Free!

Checking topology data

Querying the online database to find the appropriate verified data to use...

Topology information was downloaded successfully

Looking for TOP_XGD3-DID-F87A804E_v1.sha1 in the online verified database

Server file TOP_XGD3-DID-F87A804E_v1.sha1 no newer than local file - not retrieving

Topology data is currently verified

Checking SS

Timestamp of Authoring: 2011/09/21 00:00:00

Timestamp of Mastering: 2011/09/24 14:33:49

SS Version: 2 (trusted)

SS CRC = C206E08B (RawSS = A3E2B8D2)

SS Media ID: 04A891F2880A2FAE47703AEE-6BD87620 (matches game)

SS looks valid

Checking DMI

Timestamp of Authoring: 2011/09/21 00:00:00 (matches SS)


DMI Media ID: 04A891F2880A2FAE47703AEE-6BD87620 (matches game)

DMI looks valid

Checking PFI

PFI CRC = 26AF4C58

PFI matches known data (XGD3)

Video partition found

Video CRC = 4CF22177 (V0 = 942231A4, V1 = 563325D0)

Basic Stealth check passed!

Starting Verification

Looking for C206E08B93A965F9.ini in the online verified database

Server file C206E08B93A965F9.ini no newer than local file - not retrieving

Using C206E08B93A965F9.ini (330 bytes)

Video CRC matches

V0 CRC matches

V1 CRC matches

PFI CRC matches

DMI CRC matches

SS CRC matches

Xex CRC matches

All Stealth CRCs match (Game CRC was skipped)

Stealth was verified but game data wasn't


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