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david 666 israel

Rev 2:9…. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Hexagram: Star Of David Or Star Of Lucifer? "...Today, the Six Pointed Star or Hexagram is the most popular and universally recognized symbol of Jewry. It is known as Star of David, Magen David, or the Jewish Star. Ironically, David had nothing to do with the hexagram and it did not represent the Jewish people until the 17th century. Symbol of the Jewish has always been the Menorah. Hexagram is a very ancient symbol. It is present nearly in every culture on Earth.


The hexagram as a symbol of Jewish people was offered by Viennese Jesuits in 1648 on demand of the German Emperor Ferdinand III, who wished to assign flag of honor to the Jews of Prague for their help in the Thirty Years War. After the Jews of Prague received their flag the hexagram began to spread in the Jewish community and was used in synagogues and during festive occasions. In fact many rabbis strongly opposed to the use of the hexagram because it was a pagan symbol. But since Mayer Rothschild adopted the hexagram to mark his house this symbol gained popularity among the Jews. Ironically, the Rothschilds do not have Jewish roots and do not practice Judaism.


In 1897 the hexagram became the symbol of the Zionist movement. Zionist movement was funded by the Rothschilds and had a kin relation to Freemasonry. A masonic book called the Second Mile reveals that “the six pointed star is a very ancient symbol, and one of the most powerful”. This symbol is very prevalent in Freemasonry.


In the Vedic literature the hexagram is known as Shatkona. It is a very important symbol in Hinduism. The hexagram is a common symbol in Buuddhism. It is also prevalent in Islam. In Islam the hexagram is known as the Seal of Solomon. It was used by King Solomon as a magical signet to control demons and spirits. After his marriage to Pharoah’s daughter in 922 BC Solomon gave himself up to witchcraft and idolatry and built altars to Moloch and Ashtoreth. Moloch worship included child sacrafice and sexual orgies. The hexagram is also related to the worship of Saturn. The hexagram was also used in Baal worship.


The hexagram is used in magick, witchcraft, sorcery, occultism, alchemy, and astrology. According to former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen, “a hexagram must be present to call forth a demon” and ” it is a very powerful tool to invoke Satan”. In fact the word hex, as “to put a hex on someone” derives from the word hexagram.


So how did this ancient occult symbol find its way onto the Great Seal of the United States? Why is it so common in churches? Do you know what symbol represents Luciferianism? Helena Blavatsky, who wrote that Lucifer is the true god, incorporated the hexagram in the emblem of the Theosophical Society. She was a 32nd degree Mason.."

Israel: Founded On Terror Their strategy was simple: the more respectable Zionist establishment would take the “high road” and officially disavow terrorism. Meanwhile, Zionist terrorists would commit any crime needed to disrupt British occupation and to panic Arabs into flight. The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, available in most university libraries, documents from British records more than five hundred violent or terrorist incidents against Palestinians and the British occupation between 1939 and 1948. These included bombings, booby traps and landmines, kidnappings and torture of prisoners, bank robberies, murders of Arabs, and assassinations of police and British officials.

- Assassination of Lord Moyne on November 6, 1944

- The King David massacre, July 22, 1946

- British sergeants hanged, July 12, 1947

- The Semiramis Hotel massacre, January 5, 1948

- Deir Yassin massacre, April 9, 1948

- Assassination of UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte, September 17, 1948

- Massacre at Dawayma, October 29, 1948

- Massacre at Kibya, October 14, 1953

- Massacre of Kafr Kassim, October 29, 1956

- Massacre of USS Liberty, June 8, 1967

- Libyan airliner massacre, February 21, 1973

- Massacre in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, Beirut , Lebanon , September 23, 1982

Private Corporations Profit from the Occupation of Palestine

Israeli and international corporations are directly involved in the occupation of Palestine. Along with various political, religious and national interests, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights is fueled by corporate interests. These occupying companies and corporations lead real estate deals, develop the Israeli colonies and infrastructure, and contribute to the construction and operation of an ethnic separation system, including checkpoints, walls and roads. They also design and supply equipment and tools used in the control and repression of the civilian population under occupation.

An extensive, on-going grassroots investigation, which exposes hundreds of international companies and corporations involved in the occupation, is being conducted and posted online at Who Proftis by the Israeli group Coalition of Women for Peace. The project currently focuses on three main areas of corporate involvement in the occupation: the settlement industry, economic exploitation, and control of the population. At this stage they are not investigating the vast industry of military production and arms trade (see story # 9).

The ongoing business of construction in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Golan Heights includes housing developments as well as extensive infrastructure projects such as roads and water systems for the exclusive use of Israeli settlers, on lands confiscated from Palestinians. The construction industry includes real estate dealers, contractors, planners, suppliers of materials, as well as security, surveillance, and maintenance services.

While the US government has on numerous occasions affirmed the illegality of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, it encourages American support by providing tax deductions for donations to these settlements, which have nearly doubled within a year and are rapidly accelerating. An audit conducted by Reuters of American tax records found that thirteen tax exempt groups linked explicitly to settlements managed to collect more than $35 million in the past five years alone. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice defended the tax incentives as “humanitarian,” and rejected any comparison to Palestinian charities facing US sanctions for suspected links with Islamic parties, such as Hamas.

Israeli industrial zones within the occupied territories hold hundreds of companies, ranging from small businesses serving the local Israeli settlers to large factories that export their products worldwide. Settlement production benefits from low rents, special tax incentives, lax enforcement of environmental and labor protection laws, and other governmental supports. Palestinians employed in these industrial zones work under severe restrictions on movement, on organization, and with almost no government protections. These “advantages” often result in the exploitation of Palestinian labor, Palestinian natural resources, and the Palestinian consumer market.

All Palestinian imports and exports are controlled, restricting competition with Israeli producers, and making Palestinian consumers a captive market for Israeli goods. Restrictions are imposed on the development of Palestinian businesses, and all utilities and basic services are routed through Israeli firms.

Severe restrictions on movement of Palestinian labor and products inside the occupied territories and to neighboring areas have further increased the dependency of the Palestinian economy on Israeli companies as employers and retailers. The growing network of checkpoints and walls has all but destroyed Palestinian local production and the Palestinian labor bargaining power.

Eighteen months ago, outraged when the Palestinians of Gaza voted for the leadership of Hamas in democratic elections, Israel imposed a total lockdown on the entire population of Gaza. The Palestinians, determined to continue to resist occupation, found a way to circumvent total starvation. Author Sara Flounders notes, “The Israeli blockade led to a new economic structure, an underground economy. The besieged Palestinians have dug more than 1,000 tunnels under the totally sealed border. Many thousands of Palestinians are now employed in digging, smuggling or transporting, and reselling essential goods.” Smuggling constitutes approximately 90 percent of economic activity in Gaza, according to Gazan economist Omar Shaban.

The tunnels connect the Egyptian town of Rafah with the Palestinian refugee camp of the same name inside Gaza. They have become a fantastic, life-sustaining network of corridors dug through sandy soil. Tunnels are typically three-tenths of a mile long, approximately forty-five to fifty feet deep. They cost from $50,000 to $90,000 and require several months of intense labor to dig.

Food is towed through on plastic sleighs. Livestock are herded through larger tunnels. Flour, milk, cheese, cigarettes, cooking oil, toothpaste, small generators, computers, and kerosene heaters come through the tunnels. Every day 300 to 400 gas canisters for cooking come through the lines. On the Egyptian side, the trade sustains the ruptured economy, while corrupt or sympathetic guards and officers look the other way.

The Israeli siege of Gaza, followed by twenty-three days of systematic bombing and invasion, has created massive destruction and scarcity. Food processing plants, chicken farms, grain warehouses, UN food stocks, almost all of the remaining infrastructure, and 230 small factories were destroyed. At the time of this printing, hundreds of trucks packed with essential supplies from international and humanitarian agencies sit outside the strip, refused entry to Gaza by Israeli guards.

As soon as the Israeli bombing ended, work on the tunnels resumed.

However, Ann Wright, retired US Army colonel, former State Department official, and current peace activists, asks, “How do you rebuild 5,000 homes, businesses and government buildings when the only way supplies come into the prison called Gaza is through tunnels? Will the steel I-beams for roofs bend 90 degrees to go through the tunnels from Egypt? Will the tons of cement, lumber, roofing materials, nails, drywall, and paint be hauled by hand, load after load, seventy feet underground, through a tunnel 500 to 900 feet long, and then pulled up a seventy-foot hole and put into waiting truck in Gaza?”

For the people of Gaza, rebuilding their homes, businesses, and factories is on hold. Over 5,000 homes and apartment buildings were destroyed and hundreds of government buildings, including the Parliament building, were smashed. Two cement factories in northern Gaza were completely destroyed by Israeli bombs.

Building supplies, cement, wood, nails, glass will have to be brought in from outside Gaza. Israel controls 90 percent of the land borders to Gaza, including the northern and eastern borders and 100 percent of the ocean on the west side of Gaza. Egypt controls the southern border with Gaza.

Wright concludes, “The Israelis who bombed Gaza will be the primary financial beneficiaries of the rebuilding of Gaza. They bombed it and now will sell construction materials to rebuild what they have bombed, exactly like the United States has done in Iraq.”

Who Profits from the Occupation is a research center dedicated to exposing the commercial involvement of Israeli and international companies in the continued Israeli control over Palestinian and Syrian land. Currently, we focus on three main areas of corporate involvement in the occupation: the settlement industry, economic exploitation and control over population.

Online Database and Information Center On this website, Who Profits publishes information concerning companies that are commercially complicit in the occupation. Our online database constitutes part of an ongoing investigation. Who Profits also serves as an information center for queries regarding corporate involvement in the occupation – from individuals and civil society organizations working to end the Israeli occupation and to promote international law, corporate social responsibility, social justice and labor rights, both in Israel and internationally.

In-Depth Reports and Case Studies Who Profits publishes in-depth reports and flash reports about industries, projects and specific companies.

History Who Profits was founded in 2007 as a research project of the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) – a feminist, Palestinian-Jewish organization devoted to the struggle against the occupation. The project’s character was shaped through the consistent and devoted work of many activists in CWP and the cutting-edge feminist agenda of this organization, which constituted an empowering habitat.

Stop arming Israel Companies Supporting the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Land

Israel's latest military attack on Gaza, launched on 14 November 2012, is only made possible through the continued financial, military and diplomatic support it receives from Western states. In light of Israel's violations of international law and Palestinian human rights, the British government must end its complicity with Israel’s aggression and implement an immediate two-way arms embargo on Israel until it complies with international law.

UK arm sales to Israel During Israel's invasion of Gaza in 2008/09, the UN special rapporteur Richard Falk challenged "those countries that have been and remain complicit, either directly or indirectly, inIsrael's violations of international law. That complicity includes those countries knowingly providing the military equipment including warplanes and missiles used in these illegal attacks."

Israel’s arms exports This arms trade is not one way. In 2010, approximately 80% ofIsrael's military production output was exported, and exports by Israeli arms companies totalled £4.4 billion. Israel takes advantage of its armed conflicts and military assaults for "field-testing" its weapons and doctrines of warfare against Palestinians. Israeli companies will often boast their comparative advantage in the global arms market due to their extensive "testing" in "real life" situations.

ASA president-elect backs Israel boycott: The American Studies Association’s president-elect has said she is “fully supportive” of the association’s decision to boycott Israeli academic centers. New York University Cultural Analysis Professor Lisa Duggan, who has been elected President of the ASA, has told the New York Post that she supports the boycott of Israeli academic institutions in protest against their “discriminatory treatment of Palestinians.” Professor Duggan told the Post in an email that she is “fully supportive of the [ASA] boycott of Israeli academic institutions. We are not boycotting individuals, but only institutions . . . [to protest] the discriminatory treatment of Palestinians by Israeli academic institutions that aid and support the illegal occupation.” Last month, members of the ASA, which is the largest and oldest association involved in interdisciplinary studies of American culture and history, overwhelmingly voted to ban Israeli universities from collaborating with their campuses...

Minister spraw wewnętrznych Francji Manuel Valls ogłosił, że ministerstwo rozważa nałożenie na popularnego komika Dieudonné zakazu występów i wystąpień publicznych. Powodem mają być jego rzekome „uwagi o charakterze rasistowskim i antysemickim”. Według ministra, komik mimo licznych wyroków za „mowę nienawiści” nie zmienia swojego postępowania i przekracza granicę między wolnością wypowiedzi artystycznej a zagrożeniem dla bezpieczeństwa publicznego. Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala kilkukrotnie był karany grzywnami za krytyczne uwagi wobec Izraela i środowisk żydowskich. Był również obiektem krytyki liberalnych mediów m.in za nazwanie upamiętniania holokaustu „pornografią pamięci”. W roku 2009 startował do europarlamentu z ramienia kierowanej przez siebie Partii Antysyjonistycznej. Współpracuje m.in z Thierrym Meyssanem i afrykańskim nacjonalistą Kémi Séba. Od kilku lat popiera Front Narodowy.

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Africa 'Twin'; ‘The Israeli sniper shot my son as if he hunted a bird’: Wajih Wajdi Al-Ramahi, 14, killed while standing outside of West Bank school; The world’s blatant double standard – in Israel’s favor; White House: Israel’s Stance on Iran Would Lead to War; Netanyahu-Lieberman Compromise Could Mean End of Israeli Arab MPs; Israeli Econ Minister: Peace Deal Means End to Coalition Govt; Israel, Gulf in 'strange alliance' against Iran; Israel Planning West Bank Settlement Railway; EU gets “cold shoulder” from Israel due to exclusionary settlement directive; Israeli and Palestinian Officials Meet In Budapest; Israel Inoculates 30,000 Children with Active Polio; Israeli Soldiers Attack International Journalists and Protesters; Israel Rejects American Request To Freeze Settlement Activities; Israel Emerging as a Giant Energy Player; Israel launched Christmas Surprise with Air Strikes and Tanks against Gaza; Israel Will Annex 93 % of the Palestinian West Bank; Israeli Defense Minister Threatens European Legislators With Arrest; 9/11 case against Saudi Arabia revived; Bank of Israel’s Governor Stanley Fisher Nominated Federal Reserve Vice Chairman; “Blood Diamonds” and Israel’s Diamond Export Industry; Canada’s First Nations and Israel: Manipulating the Meaning of Genocide; Congress Must Not Cede Its War Power to Israel; ‘Historic’: US Scholars Stand with Palestinians in Boycott of Israel; Israel boycott ‘courageous act’: Analyst; Israel ‘involved’ in US data collection; Israel on Trial: Renowned Historian Testifies at War Crimes Tribunal; No More War for Israel? 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Israel worries US boycott could go contagious; U.S. academic boycott of Israel game changer: Analyst; Psychopathic Israeli authorities open sewage dams flooding east, central areas of Gaza; Judge rejects pro-Israel ad that demeans Palestinians or Muslims; Israel celebrates Christmas by sacrificing a Palestinian toddler as it sends jets and tanks into Gaza for annual slaughter feast; Israeli actors refuse to perform at West Bank settlement theater; Israel plans new war crimes to "exact a heavy toll" on Palestinians; 'Israel wants Palestine obliterated'; Israeli lawmakers push petition to free Pollard; Israel's democracy claim eroding sez UK ex-MP; Hollywood film producer confirms he was Israeli spy; Israel’s Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Threaten World Peace; Will Israel Be The World’s First Cashless Society?; GCHQ and NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief; Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons; Israeli official warned over offensive Facebook postings; UK government issues warning over doing business with Israeli settlements; Israeli government split over joining prestigious EU science programme; Britons protest over Israel plan to remove 70,000 Palestinian Bedouins; NSA and Israeli intelligence: memorandum of understanding – full document; Canadian (Jewish) doctor disillusioned with Israel; British rock star Roger Waters compares Israel to Nazi Germany; 'Sharon was about to leave two-thirds of the West Bank'; Israeli Government Secretly Pays for Pro-Israel Twitter Propaganda; Who's in Charge: Israel or the USA?; US taxpayers paid more to Israeli defense budget than Israelis; Israeli soldiers make “Rachel Corrie pancakes”; Israeli Nukes Briefly Mentioned by NYTimes; Israel Charged with War Crimes and Genocide; Swell of boycotts driving Israel into international isolation; National Summit to Reassess the US-Israel “Special Relationship”; The Zionist Regime and the Israeli-Run NSA Busted–Again!; Israeli hoax on Gen. Dempsey unmasked; NSA Never Breaks Up Israeli Espionage; NSA Never Breaks Up Israeli Espionage; US vs Israeli Espionage – the Final Battle; Israel says won’t sign EU deal under new terms; The Kennedys vs Israel’s Lobby: How Israel gained Control of American Foreign Policy; Why Is Israel looking for Imam Mahdi?; The Israeli Regime Largely Controls the NSA and America (Part I); Israel Pulling Strings of NSA Surveillance Program; Saudis seek ‘Samson Option’ with Israeli, French aid; Lieberman: “Israel Needs New Ally” (Not USA); Israel, KSA most active terrorist organizations: Jim W. Dean; Israeli minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman warnes all Jews to get out of South Africa; Israel called shots from Grassy Knoll?; Israel’s ‘all-or-nothing’ stance on Iran will lead to war; Israeli-American judge “settles” ludicrous 9/11 lawsuit; Israel Emerging as a Giant Energy Player; 9/11 attacks carried out by US, Israel and Saudi Arabia; Israel’s National Orgasm; US completely infiltrated by Israeli spies; Israeli Heroes, American Enemies; Israel hesitates to testify against China; The Saudi-Israeli offensive to break the blockade of al-Ghouta failed, by Wassim Raad; Mandela and Israel; Israel minister proposes partial West Bank annexation; Gerald Celente - Any Congressman That Supports Israel Over USA Is A Traitor To This Country; Traitor Judge who ruled NSA spying is Legal "because of 9/11" Let Convicted Israeli Spy Go Scot-Free; Israel Seeks Continued War on Syria; Israel among most corrupt developed states, study finds; APARTHEID ILLEGAL WORLDWIDE EXCEPT ISRAEL !!! NELSON MANDELA; The Jewish Genocide Of Armenian Christians; TURKEY'S ERDOGAN IS JEWISH?; Challenging the Power of the Jewish Lobby: What Should Be Done?; Boaz and Jachin – Part 1; New Evangelical Movement Seeks Split From Pro-Israel Line; The ‘Jewish Covenant with God,’ According to Pope Francis; Israel to pay $6 million compensation to anthrax vaccine trial subjects; UN condemns Christmas Eve demolitions of Palestinian homes by Israel; The truth about Israel's secret nuclear arsenal; U.S. Senators Are Nearly All Stooges for Israel; Jewish-American public leader raps AIPAC on lobbying for more Iran sanctions - Jewish World News; 'Hollywood producer was an Israeli nuclear agent'; JDL Unleashes Campaign of Violence in America; NUMEC- Zalman Shapiro - Uranium diversion to Israel, FBI, CIA files; New Book Tells Tale of Israeli Arms Dealer in Hollywood; Israel condemns EU for summoning envoys; Arnon Milchan, producer behind '12 Years a Slave,' 'Pretty Woman' and 'Noah,' admits to double life as Israeli secret agent : conspiracy; The Secret of Solomon's Pillars: Jachin and Boaz; Palestine Peace Talks – All Smoke and Mirrors, plus Stacking the Deck; Israel Lobby 5th column gets backlash on killing Iran talks; US military hijacked by Israel since 9/11; Palestine pre-1948, before Zionism/Israel;

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