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How can you register a company in Hong-Kong

There are many people all around the world who are looking forward to incorporating a company in Hong-kong.

And due to this process, they are very curious to know about the exact process under which the registration of a company is done. The business registration search is often important as it provides more information and insight into the various companies that you may intend to do business with.

The registry search of the company is basically conducted by the Hong-Kong business registry .

The Private limited liability company is one of the most common types of business entity that is registered in hong-kong.

These companies have an independent legal personality for its owners, a strong public approach and an abiding structure.

It is easier to raise the capital and transfer of ownership when it is compared to the other business structures such as sole-proprietorship and partnership. Many foreign trade professionals generally refer to this type of entity as an offshore company in hong kong.

There are some basic concerns of the Hong-Kong companies:

- Name of the company

- Number of directors in the company

- Number of shareholders in the company

- Share of capital

- Compulsory public information

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