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Elisany Silva ( Elizane Cruz Silva )

Elisany Silva ( Elizane Cruz Silva, Elizane da Cruz Silva ) - brazilian girl born September 27, 1995, who is 206 cm (6'9'') tall. She is one of the tallest teen girl in the world.

She was born and raised in Ajuruteua, small village on the coast 36 kilometers from the center of Bragança, northeastern Pará in Brazil. The young girl lives with her sisters, stepfather Jorge Luiz Miranda, 39, and her mother Ana Maria Silva, 36. But only she grew more than normal. From the age of 11, Elizane began to grow faster than other siblings and now measures 2 meters and 6 centimeters high.

Routine tests at local hospital in Bragança, such as blood, faeces, electrocardiogram, did not reveal any abnormality. The same with tests at Hospital de Clínicas Gaspar Vianna in Belém. "But the doctors sent my daughter to be examined at the Hospital Barros Barreto", said Ana Maria Cruz.

The girl had abandoned school two years ago, while studying the 5th grade of elementary school, due to the pain and discomfort in the school chairs.

"I have a lot of headaches and forget everything that happens afterward. I have more memories as a child than those times now." Elizane has pains in the legs, arms and joints, apart from frequent headache that is the main nuisance.

Besides the physical pains, Elizane's mood swings too abruptly. "I am sad without knowing why, I am angry without reason. This all started when I began to grow that way."

As she prepares to take the exams that might reveal the reasons for the excessive growth, she waits for debut on the catwalk - seven days before completing 15 years, on September 20, she will be ending the designer's show in Belém, dressed as a bride. There will be no birthday party because "the priority is her health," says her mother.

In early August 2010 she will do further health tests at the Hospital Barros Barreto.

Everyone on the beach Ajuruteua is accustomed to the presence of Elizane, but when she comes to town, she turns attraction, people are looking admired at her.

New info

• October 31: She has new, nice home and much more (video)

• September 19: She talked with Silvio Santos on his TV Show ( video )

• September 18: she was invited to join contest "Menina Fantástico" in Belém (TV Liberal is looking for a new face in fashion).

• September 5: she participated in the live program "Domingo Legal" on SBT (watch part 1, watch part 2)

• Her fame on YouTube has caused a nearby hospital to voluntarily test her (video).

Main video (over 1,5 million views in two weeks!)

New video (August 29, 2010)

New photos ( August 29, 2010, Paulo Santos/Reuters )

Elisany Silva talks with her sister Talicia, 12, at her house in Braganca.

Elisany Silva poses for picture with her sisters Talicia and Eliza (Right)

Elisany Silva poses with her friends and family as her mother Ana Maria Silva (2nd L) and her step-father Luiz Jorge (L) looks on in front of her house.

pobrane 3
fourteen year old elisany3
fourteen year old elisany8

Elisany Silva plays with her sister Talicia, 12, on Ajuruteua beach in Braganca

fourteen year old elisany6
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Older photos:

163621gigante2 bx
104252gigante ajuruteua


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  • Nati Nati (*.une.net.co)

    Hermosaaaa yo tambien yo altica :/ no em gusta pero sin embargo me toca aceptarlo no se como te sentiras tu peroo esto no es un complejo es una bendicion de dios no te dejes llevar por los comentarios imprudentes :) eres muy hermosa espero que tus dolores se mejoren saludos desde colombia

  • sia sia sia sia (77.104.75.*)

    I like that ;-)

  • Lanre Lanre (*.220.69.35.vgccl.net)

    Holy Jesus


  • Morris Morris (*.ipt.aol.com)

    she is very beautiful. how tall is she now?

  • io io (*.51-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it)

    I love she!

  • Z Z (*.ip.telfort.nl)

    I think she should start using growth breakers now because if she get's taller it won''t be good and I am SURE she will get taller because she is only 14, there is only a small chance she would stop growing now but if she does keep growing It could get seriously painful, funny I remember a fitting saying for this situation: Wie mooi wilt zijn moet pijn lijden (who wants to be gorgeous needs to feel pain). I she willing to do that, have more pain JUST to be a supertall model?

  • J J (*.dyn.optonline.net)

    @Rick -
    Who's to say there's no tumor? I haven't heard any report that says that all of her tests came back negative. What I *do* see is that a lot of ignorant people are claiming she doesn't have gigantism--which results from a tumor on the pituitary gland--because she doesn't have the features commonly and erroneously associated with gigantism. Namely, the enlarged head, hands, feet, etc. Those people are confusing gigantism with acromegaly. If there is indeed a tumor, it's only a matter of when her epiphyseal growth plates fuse that these side effects would be seen. Until then, she would just appear abnormally tall, but still proportionate.

    Further, the evidence suggests the so-called 'Amazon Eve' is transgendered and was born a man. Prior to her fame, she made no secret that she was a transgendered person. I find it difficult to believe that an *identical looking woman* that went by the *same name* was someone completely different.

    That aside, there's a HS student in NJ that's taller than both of them. Her name is Marvadene Anderson.

  • Rick Rick (*.ip.telfort.nl)

    There is no tumor. There is nothing wrong with this girl. She is not ill.. she is not sad, she is all right. The thing is there is now an american lady claiming to be the worlds tallest model (Amazon Eve) and we Need to find a way to contact Brasillian TV. Eve and Elizane should meet and battle it out back to back. Who is Taller ?

  • european-giant european-giant (*.adsl.highway.telekom.at)

    I can't believe it that a girl in the age of 14 years could be so tall. I'm (a boy and) 15 and 2,01 tall but she's a level higher then me and she is very beautiful. I hope she will get a job as model or she will get a basketballplayer like me.

  • N N (*.hokkaido.ocn.ne.jp)


  • adwa1 adwa1 (*.pool.t-online.hu)

    New video about her:


  • I like her I like her (65.49.2.*)

    She is very tall and beautiful. I like her sexy long legs.

  • adwa adwa (*.pool.t-online.hu)

    Happy birthday to Elisany, and good health!
    Feliz aniversário a Elisany, e saúde boa!

  • fp79845 fp79845 (*.Red-80-39-252.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net)

    perfect is a goddess, is very strange one single case

  • niezle niezle (*.chello.pl)

    o ja pierdole!

  • papasitounico@y papasitounico@y (*.42.107.190.dyn.supernet.com.bo)

    esta super linda, ojala nunca tenga problemas y que viva una vida normal linda linda la niña jeje

  • six six (*.clienti.tiscali.it)

    buona fortuna

  • dario dario (*.static.tie.cl)

    Increible, ojala no le traiga problemas de salud, q Dios la Protega.

  • Me Me (82.132.248.*)

    Fajna laska

  • Hello.ola Hello.ola (*.bbtec.net)

    ola meu nome e andre costa sou brasileiro vivo aqui no Japao em tokyo teria como me colocar em contato com a mae/Pai da menina ? gosatria de ajuda la .agreco formas de contatos de familiares
    andre costa tokyo japao

  • Stupid American Stupid American (*.maine.res.rr.com)

    Some rich person needs to pay for her to have an operation on her pituitary gland.

  • enrico enrico (*.nycmny.east.verizon.net)


    * Hands and feet large

    * Increase the nose and lips

    * Increase in the jaw with a prominent chin

    * Tooth loss

    * Headache.

    * Joint pain, especially in the spine, hips, knees and ankles.

  • JOE@MSN.COM JOE@MSN.COM (*.nycmny.east.verizon.net)

    It is thought that if her condition is left untreated, the 14-year-old could continue to grow at a rate of six inches a year. The poor girl will become a monster, unable to walk and die a young death............

  • enrico enrico (*.ip57.fastwebnet.it)

    But she's beautiful

  • dongvc dongvc (*.99.69.173.dynamic.saudi.net.sa)

    God bless you!

  • saty.@yahoo.com saty.@yahoo.com (*.pools.arcor-ip.net)

    keep up

  • ted ted (*.pools.arcor-ip.net)

    do not werry your life in god hand

  • kmory18@yahoo.f kmory18@yahoo.f (217.64.104.*)


  • kmory18@yahoo.f kmory18@yahoo.f (217.64.104.*)

    je suis onnete je 32an tai noir 175m p78kl je debouye an frace

  • kmory18@yahoo.f kmory18@yahoo.f (217.64.104.*)

    bonsoinr elisany je viu ton foto jesuis malie bamako aplaye de konmerci je trekonta de tekonnete je suis mousilma apre de moidekarimou jetappl ekri eml kmory18@yahoo.fr merci bonne semen dete vou

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