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What is Dark Fiber? Its important role for businesses.

Dark Fiber, also called as Unlit Fiber or Black fiber, and is a common term in Telecom and Network Communications. Dark fiber is an unused optical fiber that has been laid but is not currently active. Dark Fiber should not be dark, and should rather be taken advantage of. Utilize our customized dark fiber map solutions to help businesses just like yours. Field Engineer can get you connected. Discover which engineers can help you today.

For businesses and companies, owning and operating their own fiber-optic network tends to be more economical. Organizations gain benefits such as network speed and autonomy over their network when Dark Fiber is utilized. often times businesses find their growth to be alarmingly quick, which can cause issues with their bandwidth being at capacity. This prevents businesses from running efficiently and effectively. Incorporating an already-established internet provider would take a while and end up costing more in the long-run. Once a company has dark fiber, a simple upgrade to the fiber-powering equipment will allow an instantaneous boost to network capacity and speed.

Availability is an important issue because even though the United States has large networks of unused Fiber out there, not every town has dark fiber capabilities. Before investing time or money, contact a local dark Fiber provider or telecommunication company to find out if there is dark fiber available.

Today the term dark fiber is used to discuss the ever-growing, popular procedure of leasing out fiber optic cables from a network provider/service provider, or, out to the Fiber installation/fiber infrastructure that isn’t owned by regular carriers. Dark Fiber can still be called dark, even if it has been utilized by a fiber lessee and not by the owner of the cable.

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