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Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma, an extremely rare type of cancer. Not only did this sneaky skunk barged into my body...but it refuses to go away!!! The complicated operation, which I was unable to have in Poland, proton's beam radiation therapy, experimental Sutent treatment (a medicine that treats cancer) and the use of Cediranib (anti-cancer chemotherapeutic agent used during Phase II trials) allowed to seize the skunk , put it on a leash and control the metastasis in the lungs and mediastinal lymph nodes. As it turned out – Only for a short perioid of time.

The latest medical results show that my tumor (which I truly hate) is not stable at all. The skunk began to grow. The National Institute of Health in Washington, which looked after me for the past 4 months, is unable to keep giving me medicine for free. In Poland or even Europe, there are no pharmacological options for therapy as well. Options - that would give hope in the battle with the chemo and radio resistant “Stinker”. However, Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston is willing to give me a chance. At the moment, it is the only onco-pharmacological place where I can receive a drug called CRIZOTINIB. It is based on advanced and modern mechanisms (C-MET). It has promising results but most importantly it is successful in the case of ASPS. The estimated cost covering 6 months of therapy amounts to $ 48.000. However, it is still not certain for how long I would have to take the medicine.

Up until now I thought I wouldn’t need any more financial support. With all the positive test results I forgot (for some time) that ASPS is so rare and full of “surprises “ that no one really knows how to treat it. Only few medical institutes in the world have experience in this field. At this point Dana Farber is my one and only VERIFIED option. Alternatives such as surgical operation or cryoablation are also considered – but I am still waiting for an answer. Hopefully it will work. So thumbs up !!!

Please, donate whatever you can. Each zloty, dollar, euro you send to the Foundation’s piggy- bank lets me have faith that soon I will start a new therapy. The chemo pills are already waiting for me in Boston but I can’t receive them until I pay the total amount. With your help and support the Foundation already gathered around $ 23.000 which is almost half of what I need.

Please, throw a coin at the stinker – lets join forces and knock this skunk down !!! I need your help!!!

full of love,


Account you may use:

bank: Nordea Bank

account number :18 1440 1387 0000 0000 1092 6483

Its very important to make a note: For Paulina Pruska treatment

Fundacja Świętego Mikołaja

ul.Przesmyckiego 40 05-500 Piaseczno

Swift/ Bic : NDEAPLP2

Iban: PL18 1440 1387 0000 0000 1092 6483

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please feel free to email me for more info: paula.pruska@gmail.com

my blog: http://www.paulapruska.blogspot.com

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