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Darmowe galerie dla serwisów aukcyjnych


I've got a favor to ask anybody willing to help :)

I'm a scout from Poland and I'm producing a movie clip promoting Jamboree 2023 in Poland. I'd really love to have at least few short clips with young scouts from all over the world, preferably in their uniforms, saying something like "Hi, I'm [name] from [your country] and I'd love to visit Poland!" holding a sign with #Poland2023 on it

Could you help me with that? :)

It's really not so hard to do, it doesn't really need to have a very good quality, you can even record it with your cellphone or laptop camera if you have nothing else ;) (at least as long, as you hold it horizontally :D) You can do it pretty much anywhere, but it would be awesome if it would be in some characteristic place to your country or city ;)

You can say it in your native language! Just no more than one sentence, and in that case send me translation so I could subtitle it ;)

You can send your clips, or link or any questions to stanislaw.lisiecki@zhp.net.pl ;)

I'm really counting on you, I will be very, very grateful if anybody would help me :)

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