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Darmowe galerie dla serwisów aukcyjnych
If you're looking for a game where you have a real freedom of choice and almost infinite ability of creating reality, this is a game for you!

Cantr is a game different than every other. It allows you to create one or more characters in virtual world. By interacting with other characters (owned also by foreigners) and, like in paper-based RPGs, role-playing, changing enormous world created by players.

Have you ever dreamed about being a well-known sailor and explorer, or maybe a bloodthirsy pirate, whose name looms large in merchants' minds? Have you ever been looking for a game where you would be able to apply your political talents in order to make complicated, and sometimes not at all fair, diplomatic tricks on your neighbours? Do you want to lead a new community, which will create a well-prospering hamlet, where people live in wellness and security? Or perhaps you want to become an adventurer, who can spend whole evenings weaving thrilling stories in local taverns?

In Cantr everything questioned above is feasible. The game is limited almost only by your imagination! Can any other game give you so much?

There are no experience points, levels or rankings. Here you set your sights and lead your character to be exactly as you would like it to be.

The authors of the game crated only lands and their resources. Everything other is made by role-playing users. Exploring the world of Cantr II, you will find little settlements at the perimeters of civilisated lands, abandoned ruins of populous in the past villages and great cities forming complicated and original organisms. Miscellaneous social, political and cultural systems with which you may face aren't forced by the game's mechanics, but are a work of hundreds of people, who took a part in creating the world today and in the past. Except animals there are no NPCs, so you have full freedom of comunicating with others. If you are not sure about reaction of strangers about your existence, you can get out of any situation. That's why cantr is a terribly exciting game.

You can play as much as you want and how you want. It doesn't cost anything!

If you don't have much time, playing with all your characters will take only a few minutes a day, but nothing prevents you from playing more!

The game is absolutely free to play. There is no risk that the game will be easier for somebody else, because he is reacher than you and can spend much mone on the game. The game was made by volunteers and freewill donations.

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